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REVIEW: OBSESSION PRODUCTS | Isn't it peachy, Give me some sun & Be obsessed with palettes.

Hello there lovely's!
I hope you are well and excited for Christmas! I am in no where near prepared or even started my shopping for Christmas so i'm excited but also in panic mode 24/7!
I picked up these palettes from my local Boots and they were on 3 for 2 so all these 3 cost me was £12! I mean "JESUS LORD YES A BARGAIN".
So if you're interested in what I think of these palettes and want to see some swatches then just keep on reading...


This palette comes with 4 blush shades called Glimmer, Daydream, Hint and Bloom.
Glimmer is a shimmer blush and the rest are matte shades.
Daydream is a pale peach shade (my favourite).
Hint is more of a deep orange shade which would be good for deeper skin tones.
Bloom is a typical pink blush shade.

The matte blushes are incredibly pigmented so you literally need to dip your brush in the tiniest bit otherwise your cheeks are gonna be so effing rosy! (unless that's how you like it then that's perfectly fine).
The shimmer blush is beautiful also! Can be used as a blush and a subtle highlight.
I never have used blushers before but I use the shade Daydream everyday now! I love it.


This palette comes with 4 shades for contouring and bronzing.
Delta is a very shimmery shade.
Buff is a matte contour shade.
Expose is a very sheer shimmer contour/bronze.
Rays is a bronze shade.

I use the shade Rays for bronzing and warming up my face and then the shade Buff to contour and chisel out my face.


This palette comes with 10 gorgeous eyeshadows!
It comes with 8 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades which is a white shimmer and a gold shimmer.
I find the eyeshadows not to be extremely pigmented but they are definitely build-able and that's why I really like them and why i'm going to be buying more of Obsessions eyeshadow palettes!

Here is a look I created with this palette..

I hope you liked this review and I hope you buy and try some Obsession products yourself! I am a new fan of Obsession and cannot wait to buy and review more products!

Love,    MATbeauty


Hey hey there!
I absolutely love Profusion but that doesn't mean I wont give my complete honest and genuine opinion of their products. If I love them you're going to know and if I dislike them you are also going to know.

So if you're interested in finding out what I think about this gorgeous looking palette and the pigments then just keep reading..


This palette comes with 9 beautiful shades with 3 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades. It comes with a HUGE mirror which is really good for travelling and just makes life easier when using the palette.
The shadows don't swatch very well but on the eyes they work really well!
The mattes blend out with each other really nicely and they have a standard pigment so they aren't too harsh straight away but you can build them up which I prefer so you can avoid making mistakes. The shimmer shades are very sheer however when you use a eyeshadow base, primer or concealer on the lid.. OH MY LORD the shimmer shades show up really beautifully when they have something to stick too.

Here is a look I created..

Interested? Click HERE


This came with 6 gorgeous pigments with 1 out of the 6 being a silver glitter, a flat fluffy brush and a 12ml of 'Pigment Adhesive' which works really well for these pigments to properly stick too.

The pigments are so gorgeous. They really are shimmery and for the price that they are the quality is unbelievable!

The pigment colours are a copper, a cream with silver glitter, a silver, a pink champagne, a gold and a silver chunky glitter.
Totally recommend these pigments as you get so much product in the bottles and for the price you cannot go wrong! The pigment adhesive is brilliant and works so well with these pigments in particular.

Interested? Click HERE

I hope you enjoyed this review my loves!

Love,   MATbeauty


Helloooo there!
This blog post is all about obviously Makeup Revolution because I am obsessed with them and have been for so damn long!
They have came out recently with a new skincare range full of serums and oils to help benefit different skin problems such as blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles etc.. 
I have bought 3 as they were the main ones I wanted and plus lots of them were out of stock so here's a review of the ones I bought...

GOLD ELIXIR Rosehip Seed Oil - £10.00
(Helps condition skin & even skin texture)
I think this skin oil feels lovely on the skin! 
I sometimes use it on a night and I add a couple of drops to my moisturiser to hydrate my skin over night because sometimes my skin after a rubbish day feels a little dry and de-hydrated once ive washed my makeup off so it really does help moisturise it overnight.
I also sometimes use it as a primer before my foundation to give it my skin once the foundation is on more of a glow. This would be good to mix in with a foundation that is too matte as it would make it more dewy on the skin.
This oil doesn't feel to oily on the skin at all and has gorgeous gold flecks that does honestly make the skin glow like a goddess.
You can buy this HERE

10% MATRIXYL SERUM - £10.00
(Helps reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles)
I am a big fan of this serum! 
I may be and look silly because i'm only 21 without wrinkles and fine lines BUT I would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. I want to start looking after my skin now with whatever I can and for this price I couldn't help myself!
This feeling of this serum is perfect in my opinion. It doesn't feel oily or watery its kind of a perfect in-between. It sets onto the skin really nicely and isn't drying. I honestly will be buying this again as soon as i'm finished.
10/10 recommend!
You can buy this HERE

(Helps boost skin radiance)
I use this product right before bed before I put on my moisturiser because I have quite textured skin where my acne has been and just from having combination skin in general. It claims to help take the rough skin away and give your skin a 'new skin' glow and the first time using it I really noticed the next morning my skin felt really smooth and my skins texture and colour is actually getting better from this product. 
I really do recommend this product but I do recommend to only use it a couple of times a week so it doesn't make your skin overly sensitive as I could imagine it might.
You can buy this product HERE

I hope you liked this blog post and I can't wait to try more of Makeup Revolutions skincare range and once payday comes around I will be buying more!

Love,   MATbeauty


Hello there lovely’s!
This blog post is all about the new Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation and what my honest opinion of it is..
So if you are interested in what I think of this foundation then just keep on reading..

You can buy this in Superdrug stores and on their website and obviously on the Revolution Beauty website.


I think the shade range is bloody brilliant! For a drugstore foundation that's only £9 they have gone all out with amount of shades they have and I love it.
Also they have each individual shade that matches your undertone and skin tone. Can they get any more considerate?!
Here are all the shade names and what skin tone and undertones they match...
It has a doe foot applicator which I don’t love but I don’t hate either. I like how it applies it straight to my face but I do prefer a foundation with a pump applicator for sure.

It says it’s full coverage but I think when you put on a decent first layer it’s definitely medium to full and not full full but you can build up the coverage by adding another layer which is what I do. It has a lovely coverage I think it looks natural and doesn’t look cakey which is what everyone wants right?!

]I feel like this foundation has an inbetween texture. It isn’t fully matte but it also isn’t really dewy either which I prefer. I hate really matte foundation as they make my dry patches stand out but I also hate really dewy ones because I have oily skin so I really like the finish of this foundation.

I really like the packaging. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with the rose pink glossy label. Lovely girly packaging!

I found the lasting finish of this foundation to be normal.. and what I mean by that is that it lasted around 8 hours and then all my oils started to come through but it didn’t look gross it just looked as if I was oily so I wasn’t mad.

 I would definitely buy this foundation again as it was £9 which is a bargain obviously but also because of the shade range.. I love how they tell you what each shade is best for your skins undertone, Revolution really do take care of their customers and want the best for us and I just love that from them!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as I did writing it!
I love doing makeup product reviews!

Love,   MATbeauty


Well hello there!
I have been kindly sent these two products to review by Superdrug as I am an affiliate for them and they are the best brand ever to me. Love love love Superdrug and how they just have everything I need all the damn time.
So if you're interested in reading what I honestly thought about these two products and if I approve then just keep reading..

Colourstay Liquid Liner - £8.99
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is brilliant. Its a very dark black and doesn't look patchy in any way. If the applicator was different I would buy this eyeliner hands down however the application wasn't the easiest because its not what i'm used too.. meaning that the applicator is one of those little wheels that ive seen people who do makeup very well struggle to use. I tried it on the back of my hand before on my eyes and doing a straight line seemed pretty easy and straight forward (no pun intended there but its always good to accidentally add one in) so I thought 'how hard can this be'. I tried it on my eyes and I always start off with doing the flick first so that was easy and then dragging the flick to my eye lid was easy-ish. It was a bit difficult getting it to go where I wanted it too. I'm used to a felt liner or one with a thin tip but this is nothing like them. To colour in where I needed to once I created the wing was tricky... I had to use it as it it was flat on its side and pat the liner on my eye otherwise it would of took me ages.
Overall I wouldn't buy this product myself as I prefer either felt liners or ones with a thin tip however if you like this type of applicator then this would be a brilliant eyeliner for you to try!

Photoready Mist Spray - £7.99
The packaging for this product is nice and simple. I like how its a sleek black packaging and looks professional however I tried this product on different foundations and with different or no primers and it just didn't make my makeup last longer at all unfortunately..
I tried this with my foundation being on for 10+ hours and if anything I feel like it made my foundation last even shorter than it usually does.. I can see this being good to refresh your makeup on a hot day but I wouldn't use it again to set my makeup or make it last longer. I would rather spend a bit more money on the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

That it is for this review guys.
I hope you liked it and if you have a different opinion on these products I would love to know!

Love,  MATbeauty


Well here der,
It's been a minute since ive done an eye look and made it into a blog post to share with you guys!
If you want to know how I created this eye look and what shades I used then just keep on reading..

Step 1:
I start off by using a big fluffy brush and applying the shadow 'Silk Creme' into my crease and upto my brow bone as a transition shade.

Step 2: 
I then do the same with the shade 'Creamsicle' and apply it all over the crease and up to the brow bone.

Step 3:
I then use a tapered blending brush which is more defined and smaller and I apply the shade 'Pukey' directly into my crease and blend up towards the brow bone slightly so I can get that perfect blend.

Step 4:
Next I go into the shade 'Hunts' with the same tapered blending brush and apply that also directly into the crease to deepen it up.

Step 5:
To make sure I get that perfect blend I go back into the shade 'Creamsicle' with that big fluffy brush and blend out the edges near the brow bone so I get that sunset effect from the brow bone to my crease.

Step 6:
I then use some concealer with a flat brush and cut my crease only 3/4 of the way.

Step 7:
I then use a plain white eyeshadow to set where I put the concealer and then apply the shade 'Roxanne' to the outer corner of my eye with a flat-ish fluffy brush and blend that into where the concealer is and into the crease.

Step 8:
After that I then apply a mix of the shades 'Pukey' & 'Hunts' onto the middle section of my lid so that its a lighter red.

Step 9:
I then apply the shade Beam onto the inner corner of my eye and a little onto the inner part of my lid to create almost a ombre into the reds/browns.

Step 10:
I use the shades 'Creamsicle' and 'Pukey' with a small flat shader brush and blend them into my lower lash line until blended out as much as I like.

Step 11:
I then apply some gold highlighter directly onto my brow bone to make it POP.

Step 12:
I fancied it so I applied some white kohl pencil into my waterline.

I lastly applied some black liquid liner and black mascara to finish off this look then BOOM, finished!

I know there is so many steps but I wanted to try and go into as much detail as I possibly could without many photos.

You can buy this palette here..
Morphe X Jaclyn Hill

I really hope you like this look and feel free to comment below on what you thought!

Love,   MATbeauty