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Iya guys, This is a look at love that I was experimenting for a dressing up/Halloween look however the final result was lovely and sultry & could be done for a night out..

I really do like this look its so sexy, sultry and powerful to me. To me this look for the eyes gives off a look of power and strength which made it so fun doing the look and photographing it! So here's how to get the eye look...

Step one: Blend out a matte brown eyeshadow over the crease and brow bone to define the eye and basically I call it contouring the eye as it adds a hella lot of shape to the eye! & blend and blend and blend!

Step two: apply gold eye shadow to the base and all over the eye lid and across the bottom of the eye with your finger to get more product onto the eye lid! Then blend it into the brown a little bit so it doesn't look... well.. daft!

Step three: Add some gold glitter onto the eye lid or do what I did and if you have gold liquid eye liner use that too make the eye lid more gold and sparkly! Preeeettyyyy

Step four: Apply black liquid eye liner all across the top eyelash line and add a feline flick and then also add some black felt tip liner for more precision to the bottom lash line and do a flick below the inner corner as shown in the photo to create a Egyptian like look

Step five: Apply some dramatic falsies and your all done!



  1. I agree, definitely a great look for a night out! :) x
    Jess xox ||

  2. Aw thank you I can't wait for a night out to do it haha x I will check your blog out now!! 😌 x