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Hello Ma'Darlings! 
I thought today I would show what makeup brushes I have and what makeup brushes I use and I will link what brushes I use down below! Lets goooo..

Here are my makeup brushes that I use everyday! They are all different brands so that's why they all look different! I will start from the left going over to the right explaining what each of my brushes are used for.. 

(My brushes aren't in order of use)

Powder Brush: I use the powder brush to press and dab compressed powder into my face. Rather than sweeping it all over my face I dab it too properly set the foundation. On chilled out and casual days I quickly sweep it on because I'm not doing or going anywhere special so I feel no need to put so much on.

Foundation Brush: |Real Techniques Buffing Brush| I use the foundation brush to apply my foundation too my face and I think this brush is especially good for blending and making sure the foundation is set. I do recommend this brush!

Concealer Brush: |Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush| I use this brush to blend out my concealer that I put on my nose, middle of my forehead and under my eyes because I find it really blends the concealer out well and I like how soft the brush is to blend.

Concealer Powder Brush: |Real Techniques Setting Brush|
 I use this brush to use light powder to set the concealer under my eyes but also I use a light powder to highlight underneath my eyes so they are bright and ready for the day!

Contour Brush: |Kabuki Brush| I use this brush to apply my contour ( I do not contour everyday!) I use this brush to dab it on my face and I do tend to use this to blend the contour out rather than a beauty blender but again when I do contour I naturally use both!

3 Eye Shadow Brushes: I use these brushes to apply eye shadow onto my eye and I use the first one to apply whatever color eye shadow I wear into the crease of my eye and I blend and blend until's all blended out! The 2nd brush is used as a backup if I need to extra blend or need to use a different color and the last brush I use if I want precision or to apply eye shadow underneath my eye!

Mini Eyebrow Brush: I use this brush to well.. the obvious.. fill in my eyebrows! I like my eyebrows without filling them in but I feel more confident when they have more definition and shape. So when my eyebrows are happy i'm happy! 

Blush Brush: I use this brush too apply blush to my cheeks. So this brush is very straight forward! Blush brush to apply blush to the cheeks!... Yes!

Highlighter Brush: I use this brush to apply highlighter to the high points of my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, cupids bow, mid forehead and chin!

Bronzer brush: |NARS Contour Brush|  I use this brush to apply bronzing powder to the inner dent.. if you will.. off my cheekbones! 

Wooden Makeup Brush Set

What's your set like?
(Makeup brush set I mean!)
2 comments on "MY: MOST USED MAKEUP BRUSHES | 11/2015"
  1. Real Techniques has some lovely brushes. I`m a big fan of their buffing and powder brushes.

    1. They do don't they, I think the buffing brush blends my foundation out perfectly!