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Hello Ma'Beauties!
This post will be all about my pamper night routine that I do twice a week on a Tuesday & Thursday! I love to take care of myself no matter what or how i'm feeling!

Why not ey!

Pamper Night Routine

So here is step by step of what I do when I pamper myself...

Starting off) 

I always start off with cleansing my face so all of my makeup is completely off! Need a pure clean face for the next step of my routine.


I next apply a face mask, now I usually use ones that are either for detoxifying or hydrating my skin as I like to know my skin is getting the love it wants! 
I found some from Superdrug that I think are lovely:

After that)

I have a bubble free bath and wash off my facial mask when it has reached the time to take it off. After that use my Facial Wash & Shower Gel as standard in the bath!


Once I get out the bath I (sounds gross) focus on my feet and I get rid of my dead skin, push down my cuticles and file down my nails then apply foot moisturiser to my feet to finish off!


I apply some kind of moisturiser all over my body so at the moment I am using E45 cream because my eczema is playing up and just applying it all over my body makes it easier than applying different moisturisers everywhere!

After that)

I then use a cotton pad and use my Garnier Simply Essentials Toner!


I then apply my face moisturiser which I always use oil free moisturisers because I can't stand my face being oily.


If I have spots like I said I use the Spot Purifying Toner but I also use my T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel.

Well that is my Pamper Night Routine!!

I hope you liked it & I would love to know what products you recommend for the best pamper night!

(The image(s) above does not belong to me and was not photographed by me)
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