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BEST WAY TO CONCEAL & COVER | Dark circles, redness, blemishes etc..

Iya guys! After reading an Into the Gloss post about the best concealers,  I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about what I think is the best way to.. as you can read in the title... cover dark circles, spots and marks on your skin!

Starting off with...


I personally hate my under eye dark circles because when I just want to go out without makeup or wear little makeup they stand out more than anything! They make me look tired and warn down and I don't want to have that look at 19 as I am a healthy young girl which some days I don't look it!

So here's how I fix it!

Using (one of my favourite things) 1 out of my 3 COLOUR CORRECTORS is how I fix my dark circles! I bought 3 colour correctors months ago not really understanding what they are besides magical pots of glory to fix the imperfections on my face and then I searched what they actually were!

 Using the YELLOW colour correcter to conceal the under eye circles,  (I do my usual moisturiser & primer) then for me I apply it before my foundation to properly conceal them first.
I apply the yellow underneath my eye wear the dark circles are, on the inner corner of my eye and on my eyelid so my whole eyelid is concealed!

Then after I use my colour corrector and apply my foundation as usual! Then after that (I find my foundation really covers it after that) I currently I use a concealer out of a highlight and contour palette that is just a little lighter than my foundation and apply that the same as the yellow colour corrector.

I set my whole face with a translucent powder and BOOM there's how I currently conceal my demon dark circles!


Now like anybody else I can't stand having a clear face for a couple of days then a massive corker pops up on my face one morning and you can't get rid of it without it taking time however! HOWEVER using a colour corrector can very much disguise and hide the huge pest!

Using a GREEN colour corrector, get some onto your finger and dab the green corrector onto the spot and on any redness you have on your face you would like to conceal and hide! I have eczema on my cheeks so I use that to cover the redness before my foundation and can you see it? exactly! ITS GREAT STUFF!

I then do the same thing and apply foundation and setting powder.


Now when it comes to an uneven skin tone or yellow patches on your skin or even having a little yellow on the inner corner (tearduct) of your eye then here is what I use to cover them...

Using a LAVENDER/PURPLE colour corrector you can on any yellow blemishes or marks on your skin, you apply it to those parts! It covers and conceals any yellowness straight away! I use it on the inner corner of my eye because that's where when I'm tired I get some yellow and it makes me look more tired.

You can buy colour correctors and colour corrector palettes everywhere now! I do if you're on a budget try out this palette from Makeup Revolution or if you're on a extreme budget try this palette because it comes with concealers, colour correctors, highlighters and contour! You can't go wrong with a bargain!

So what about now?

Comment below what you think!

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