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Hello Ma'beauties,
I have had a long wait for these products and I have waited so long to write this post as I couldn't wait too do this post & actually write about a makeup haul from same branded products! 
So i'm one happy lady!

 I am so excited to share with you what I was so looking forward to receiving!

So here we go...

Golden Sugar

Starting off with this gorgeous palette I was so excited to try this out! They look like little planets! They are so shimmery & pigmented! There is two highlighters, 4 blushes & 2 contours!

I recommend to buy & try!

I really like this lipstick! It applies the colour it comes as which is always a bonus as I have previously bought endless of lipsticks that applied darker than they were (which was frustrating). It is really creamy and stays on for a good enough time! It really is a lovely lipstick & comes in lovely packaging!

Now these products are absolutely my new faves! I have always wanted a contour stick but never got round to ordering one and then I saw this and thought 'why not' & now I wouldn't go back! They are both so blend-able because they are so soft and creamy! The sculpt stick is perfect for my pale skin (it seems to work on any skin colour)! The hihglighter is very shimmery and works perfectly!


Only thing I can say about this brush is that it does its job and its good for blending deeply into the crease however I do prefer a more fluffy  and larger brush for blending out my eyeshadow so I do wish it was a larger and more fluffy brush! However all & all it is good for precision into the crease.

This eyeshadow palette is my new favorite of all time! I love anything that is matte, whether its foundation, lipstick of eyeshadows so now this is my absolute favorite! The colours are great for smokey eyes & for an everyday natural look (which are my favorite looks for everyday). Each eyeshadow is very pigmented and strongly coloured!


Now I'm not going to lie unfortunately I haven't tried out this product yet however looking at it and dipping my finger into it I am very excited to do a makeup tutorial using this look & I promise to do that! It texture is very creamy and soft! It should be a lovely product to try out!
I would love to know if you have tried this if it is any good?!

I hope you liked my view on these products!

Please let me know if there is any I should try!!!
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