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Iya guys
This post is all about the natural beauty and I am loving having a flawless yet natural look these days so I thought I would share what it is I do to get this gorgeous look & tell you what products I use!

(As usual I always moisturise before applying makeup because of this cold bitter weather)


Primer: I use the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer in cool rose all over my face and especially on my nose and forehead because that's where I have the most pores.

Foundation: I use the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation (my new favorite) in the shade Rose Beige because I think a matte base makes any skin look flawless and its quick too apply.

Contour: I apply just a light and little amount of contour Makeup Revolution Contour Sculpt Stick onto my cheeks and forehead because I think with a clean matte base it just gives your face that perfect look and more definition.

Concealer: I then use the Essence High Covering Concealer in 10 matt beige under my eyes, eyelids and upto my brown bone to make my eyes look more bright that just the same colour as my foundation.

Powder/Setting: I then use my Mineral Loose Translucent Powder to set my face however with the matte foundation you really do not have to use much at all! It's already set so I just apply a little to my cheeks (because of my eczema), nose & forehead.


Brow Powder: To fill in my brows I use my W7 brow palette with the colour 3 

Brow Pencil: I use a dark brown brow pencil from Atmosphere to more define the arch of my brow.


Eyeshadow: I used my new Makeup Revolution Essential Matte 2 palette and used the second from last colour (kind of purply shade) because it's very natural yet pretty. I blended that into my crease and applied it to my eye lid and then under my eye.

White Eyeshadow: I then used the same palette and used the first colour (a white-ish shadow) and applied some onto the tearduct of my eye and then some on my brown bone.

White Eyeliner: I applied some white eyeliner onto my waterline to open up my eyes.

Mascara: I haven't changed my mascara so I'm still using the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara & the Collection Longer Lash Lengthening Mascara.


From the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush palette I used the pink 2 & Brown 7 colours together for my blusher and applied that too my cheeks and from the same palette I used the highlighter 1 on my cheek bones and my nose to make them stand out and I like my nose looking dainty with a bit of highlighter on it.


I then used my favorite lipstick at the moment, the MAC Honeylove because its the perfect nude for my skin tone & then used Makeup Revolution I Makeup Lip Geek in Baby Doll just to make it more neutral and beautiful.


  1. Are the Makeup Revolution Highlight and Contour sticks any good? X

    1. I use them everyday! The contour stick is extremely good! Really recommend it and the highlight is the same! It's so shimmery and gives your skin a gorgeous glow! I recommend! X

  2. Oh really? Yeah I wasn't sure whether to buy them or not, I will now! Thankyou! X