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Hello Ma'Beauties
I hope you have all had a lovely day! 
I have been noticed and asked about how and what I use to do my contour and highlight so here I am too tell you all!!

(I firstly apply my moisturizer, primer, colour corrector's and foundation)

Starting off I use my...

Makeup Revolution Sculpting Contour Stick:

I apply this product first to the inner part of my cheek bones, forehead, jawline and nose (I love a lovely petite nose) and I blend that in with the same brush I used for my foundation and that is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I blend it in using circular motions until it looks blended in well enough.

I use a eyeshadow brush to blend out my nose contour to make sure its purely blended and precise otherwise I would have brown contour all over my nose and that's not the point of contouring!

After that I then use my...

Contouring, Concealing & Correcting Palette:

I apply the lightest colour concealer on the palette under neath my eyes, the top of my cheekbone (to make my cheekbones appear higher), bridge & tip of nose, above jawline (to make face appear more defined and thinner) and forehead. I use a sponge/beauty blender to blend that all in using dabbing motions to make it looks flawless and blend into the contour well!

(I then powder my whole face using a loose translucent powder)

After that I use the...

MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit - Medium/Dark:

I firstly use the bottom contour colour and use my NARS contour brush and apply it too where I applied my cream contour at the beginning so the inner part of cheekbones, bridge of nose (using a smaller eyeshadow brush for my precision), jawline and forehead to make the contour more bold and defined.

I then use the bronze powder on top with a typical fluffy brush to further blend and dark the contour (plus it applied enough it gives a lovely tanned look for the summer!)

Next I use the...

Makeup Revolution GOLDEN SUGAR blush palette -BLUSH:

Depending on what colour blush I feel like wearing that day however it is normally the baby pink shade (because its more natural) and use a blush brush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks and up to my brow bone just to blend it out a bit more.

After that I then use my...

Makeup Revolution Sculpting Highlight Stick:

I then use this on the top of my cheek bones (to have more of a glowy dewy texture), tip of nose (to make the nose look extra petite) and on my cupids bow (to make it look dainty when I apply deep coloured lipstick)

Lastly I use the...

Makeup Revolution GOLDEN SUGAR blush palette - HIGHLIGHTER:

I then use that same palette but use the only white highlighting colour and apply that to my cheekbones where I applied the sculpting highlight stick to make my cheeks extra shimmery and glowy and also to the tip of my nose to make it also extra glowy!

Well there you go that's all the products I use to achieve my contour & highlight!

As it's being popularly mentioned in this post you can find the glorious MAKEUP REVOLUTION website here

Please feel free to leave comments (whether good or bad) below..
6 comments on "MY: CONTOUR HIGHLIGHT ROUTINE | 03/2016"
  1. This highlight is so intense and pretty - I wouldn't have said it was an MUR product, I'll have to have a look!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Oh wow thank you! You have to try MUR they are just amazing in my opinion! X

  2. So pretty, you're glowing! Some products to check out after this post :) | My blog giveaway - Amy <3

    1. Oh well thank you!! And good babe definitely!! X