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REVIEW | Makeup Revolution NEW-TRALS vs NEUTRALS Palette

Hello Ma'Darlings,
I hope you have had a fab day whatever you have done! 
I recently have made a order on the Makeup Revolution website and received them a few days ago. I have posted photos of my delivery on my Instagram and people have been asking about this palette so now I've had chance to give it a try I would love to tell you what I think!

Right now starting off I think this palette is beautifully stunning! The colours are perfect for any look you want whether its a casual everyday look or a partying look for a night out! Its absolutely b-e-a-utiful! 

Some of the colours are shimmer colours for more of a sparkly glitter look and the other colours are matte however all the colours you can see here are all EXTREMELY PIGMENTED and I think that is the best kind of eyeshadow you can get! All eyeshadows should be very pigmented where you only have to stroke your finger over a colour and its jam packed onto your finger and this is that kind of eyeshadow!

I think the packaging is so sleek and sexy! (yes sexy). The packaging is so simple yet makes a statement and I love the fact Makeup Revolution put their palettes into boxes because for one it protects the product and secondly it adds a bit more personality to the product which is fab!

Last but not least I think the reason why these palettes from MR are so perfect and that is because of the quality for the price! The price of all the MR products are so damn cheap but for such good quality perfect palettes you really can't ask for more!

Eyeshadow Names:
Top row
Bottom row

So if you feel interested to try this palette then here it is...

NEW-TRALS vs NEUTRALS palette here

Feel free to leave a comment of what palettes you recommend?!

8 comments on "REVIEW | Makeup Revolution NEW-TRALS vs NEUTRALS Palette"
  1. This palette looks perfect!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Ive only tried a few make up revolution products but the ones I have tried are fab! These palettes look imense and I think after this post I'll have to put a little order in myself!


  3. Fab palette I love the organs toned hue's.

    Abigail Alice x

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