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Iya! Right, I thought after receiving an order from Makeup Revolution I would write a post about one of their newly launched products the magical strobing cream!

First of all I would love to say how amazing Makeup Revolution really are and how they have provided me with such joy from me purchasing their products! I still cannot believe how amazing their products are for the price where as some expensive products can be rubbish! I adore Makeup Revolution!


The formula is light and blends out extremely easily in my opinion, it is easier for it to blend in under your foundation than it is blending it on top of your foundation however its not difficult at all to blend it out!

Its very creamy and if you don't properly blend the product out it can become very very pigmented but that would be your own fault if you don't blend it out. If you're going for a very hard high then you can just dab in on and not blend it out properly however in my opinion this product is better for a natural glow and will be excellent for the summer!!


The volume of the colour, again depends on how you want it. If you want a hard highlight with this product which will make wherever you apply it a shimmer gold, you apply it above your foundation on your highlighted points of your face. However for a more natural look you apply it under your foundation for a slight yet noticeable glow which again is a natural gold highlight which I agree.. is stunning!


To compare it to another MR product would be MR's Highlight Sculpt stick. With the sculpting stick and the strobe cream their more or less the same however you get more precision with the stick and the texture of the stick is more dewy and thicker than the strobe cream which is thin and more blendable.


For the price the product is amazing! Its lovely and I when I used it on my cheek bones for highlight look lovely and natural! I can imagine when its Summer over here I will be using the product everyday even though I am more or less now!

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  1. This sounds amazing, I have to try it!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. It is lovely! I use it more or less everyday now you have to try!! Xx

  2. This sounds great, I might have to pick one up next time I'm in Superdrug. I'm such a fan of Makeup Revolution as a whole, it's such great value - currently loving their eyeshadow palettes! :) x

    Zoe x

  3. Yes please do it's lovely!! And I know same here! I have the new-trals vs neutrals palette and i'm obsessed theres no kidding! xx