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Everybody needs a pamper night for themselves, these are the products I recommend you need to detox & relax!

      I think on a pamper night you really need to detox yourself & get rid of all your ruff dead skin by using an effective body scrub. The way a body scrub works is by putting a dollop of the scrub in your hand and gently rub it into your skin in circular motions. I find myself to use this on a pamper night in the shower and using it all over my body to remove any dry or dear skin.

I recommend the Soap & Glory Scrub of your life
It actually is the best body scrub ever I swear!

2) MOISTURIZER- Face & Body
    You definitely need a good moisturizer that suits your skin type whether its sensitive, dry or whatever! There are so many out there you can't go wrong.
    Especially after using a body scrub you need to moisturize. I love to moisturize every part of my body, even between my toes! (I know gross but ITS MY FEET)

I recommend for the body the Vaseline range. I use the Aloe Vera - Sensitive Skin Moisturizer
For the face I use Clean & Clears Oil Control Blemish Moisturizer because of my combination skin. It hydrates and really has helped control my oil!

    You definitely need a face mask on a pamper night! There are so many to choose from its amazing. You have ones to detox, hydrate and even just ones that smell AMAZEBALLS.. like strawberries or chocolate! You can get face masks to meet any needs that you need treating.

I recommend a few starting off with the..
1) Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask
   Amazing mask to detox your skin, really feels like it works (I'm serious) R.E.C.O.M.M.E.N.D
 2) Skin Republic - ANY OF THEM
    All masks are to target different problems with your skin and all masks are amazing and leave the skin feeling very hydrated which is amazing on a pamper night!

 3) Superdrug Masks
Superdrug masks are amazing! Very affordable & they have a various different range of masks that work a bleeming treat! I definitely recommend these masks for a more affordable type of pamper night! Which I always go for most of the time anyways.

Now get your slipper socks on, your feet up, a cup of tea in one hand and a bag of sweets in the other and CHIIIIILL!

Let me know what products for a pamper night you think I should try?!


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