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Iya guys! I have acne and have done for about a year and a bit now. I am on antibiotics that treat the acne and eventually will kill it but it does take time! I do hate it and when I run out of my antibiotics I have to take a 1-2 week break to see if it has cleared up for good. It hasn't cleared up yet. In that 2 week break my acne comes back and tries not to budge again so here are the products I use to treat the spots I get when they come crawling back!

(The acne takes place mostly on my forehead)
Here is what my acne looked like about a year ago and then about 6 months ago...

I am very happy with how my skin looks now! My scars are disappearing quickly and my skin is clearing up brilliantly! All thanks to my antibiotics for killing it off but also these products for helping spots heal/dry up and scars to fade away.

The products are..

Tea Tree Oil

I am obsessed with tea tree oil for my spots! All I do is when I get spots is wack out this and a cotton bud. I apply some of the oil onto the cotton bud and then dab the cotton buds over my spots.
Tea Tree oil dries out your spots which makes they go away quicker in my opinion. They dry up way quicker than if I just left them on their own and heal much faster.
Only problem is when it makes the spot dry, wearing foundation over it looks a bit pleh.. but I do not mind that at all because if it makes it go away quicker I'M ALL THERE!

You can buy this anywhere but the one I use is here

Himalayan Charcoal Mask - The Body Shop

My go to mask when having a acne phase or just a breakout in general is this mask! I swear by this as it evens out my skin tone and in my opinion reduces the redness of my skin when I wash it off. I can feel it detoxifying my skin and when I wash it off my face feels very clean and purified which is always good! I definitely recommend this mask 1000%

You can buy this here

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner - The Body Shop

When I have a breakout I always run to this product as I feel when I use it, it feels like it cleans the hell out of my skin and removes all oils and nasty's! I use this with a cotton pad and put it all over my face and especially on my forehead (where I get acne the most) and my nose, so it closes up my pores.

You can buy this here

These are my go to breakout products and I would love to know what you recommend!!


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