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Iya guys! I thought I would do a blog post about my everyday makeup routine because I have perfectly mastered how to do my everyday makeup in a decent amount of time! It used to take me about 1 hour to do my makeup, it now takes me about 15 minutes at most!
(So that makes me very happy)

(Ignore the snapchat dog filter, I like taking no makeup selfies with this filter only)

So first of all I always shower, wash my face using The Body Shops daily face scrub and then when i'm out the shower I pop on my moisturiser and get to slapping on my face!

This is all in the order of what I do everyday

COLOUR CORRECTER: I use the NYX professional makeup concealer jar in Yellow for my under eye circles, blemishes & any redness before I put on my foundation. 

FOUNDATION: I have been using this foundation I got from Tenerife called Florma Anti Blemish Foundation. I have been obsessed with this foundation because of its amazing coverage but UNFORTUNATELY for me then don't sell it in the UK (lets all be sad for Megan).

I am on a quest to find another brilliant foundation for oily/combo skin so PLEASE RECOMMEND!

CONCEALER: The concealer I have been obsessed with for ages is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Light. I use that on any blemishes and for my under eye circles.

POWDER: I use the RMCA no colour powder from BeautyBay. It has no flash back which is amazing and sets my face so its nice and matte as I am quite oily.

BROWS: I use the Freedom brow pomade in medium brown & the brow powder duo in again, medium brown to do my brows. I start off with the pomade to do the arch and flick of my eyebrow. I then use the powder to do the soft inner bit of my eyebrow so it has like a gradient effect.

I then brush my eyebrows through with clear brow gel so they stay in place all day


1) I blend a medium brown shade into my crease/up to my brow bone to give my eyes some colour and definition.

2) I then apply the same colour to my lower lash line.

3) After that I apply a light cream shade all over my eye lid.

4) I finish off with putting a cream/white shimmer shade on the inner corner of my eye to brighten them up.

5) I then apply some mascara. At the moment i'm loving the Loreal Paris Baby Roll mascara & the Maybelline Push Up Angel mascara. I thought the Maybelline was my favourite one but the Baby Roll has really suprised me!

HIGHLIGHTER: I then apply some gorgeous highlighter. The ones i'm loving right now are the Freedom individual highlighter in 03 & from the 3 pack of highlighters they sell the Side Kick one from HD LIT 1

LIPBALM/LIPSTICK: I finish off my makeup by applying either some lipbalm or a nude lipstick, Depending on how I feel on the day



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