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Iya! Normally I find a mascara that I love and I use and re-buy the same one over and over again without trying any new ones. But now ive decided that from now on every time I run out of my mascara I will repurchase the one I already love (just incase I hate the new one) and I will buy and try a new one.
I watched Sophdoesnails and heard her rave about this mascara in a couple of videos so I was convinced to buy it.

I bought this mascara from my local Superdrug for only £7.99 and I got the shade Black. When I first opened up the mascara I was a bit skeptical because of its wand. The wand is like a weird spiral and that's the only way I can describe it to be honest. I'm terrible with describing things. 

I am extremely fussy with mascaras, if you have read my previous mascara reviews you will see why! I was really shocked when I tried it because I absolutely loved it straight away. I could tell it was going to really lengthen my eye lashes and it did! 
It has an extremely brilliant formula as its not watery (which isn't what you want from a mascara) and its not clumpy/thick either! BRILLIANT!

It didn't make my lashes clump at all. I always apply about 2 coats of mascara so I can get the length I want and this did it in 2! Where as some mascara takes about 3-4. So I was over the moon about that!

I don't have long eyelashes in my opinion, I would say they are a medium length. Not too short or long if you know what I mean. So some mascaras either have absolute no impact on my lashes what so ever or absolutely lengthen the hell out of them.. NO INBETWEEN!

I very much so recommend this mascara and I will be repurchasing it again!

What mascara do you LOVE? Please do tell below!

You can buy this for yourself: Loreal Baby Roll Mascara



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