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REVIEW: MAX FACTOR 3 IN 1 FOUNDATION | Coverage, Lasting Finish, etc...

Iya guys and gals! I know i'm a bit late on this product as its been out ages but ive only just tried it out for myself and I needed to let people know what I think!

First off: I found the colour of foundation I got was perfect and I got it in the shade Natural 50. I found it came out at first very watery so make sure to shake your's up before using!

Coverage: I would say the coverage is medium to full coverage because it is build-able. I applied 1 layer and it evened out my skin tone however I had a couple of spots so I wanted more coverage as the spots still looked a tad red. So in total I used 1 and a half pumps of the product to get the coverage I wanted because I love a full coverage foundation.

Texture: The texture on the skin isn't matte but always isn't dewy either. Its on the in between in my opinion which is perfect for me who has oily/combo skin. I don't like matte foundations as they cling to whatever dry patches I do have but I also don't like really dewy foundations because they make my skin looks oily and then as the day goes on and my oils come out it looks even worse. Big sweaty mess!!

Finish: Without setting my face with powder yet I really like the finish, It didn't feel dewy like I said so it felt nice and comfortable. When I applied face powder it didn't feel dry at all. It felt comfortable. It was a comfy finish!

Lasting Time:  I wore this foundation for about 7 hours (which isn't that long I know) and as every foundation I ever use, it did set into my smile lines a tiny little bit but it wasn't that bad so I didn't really notice unless I purposely looked for them. It kept cover of my spots. It did a decent job of working with my face powder to keep my oils at bay. I never powder during the day or dab my forehead with tissue and I never noticed my forehead or nose looking oily in the slightest so that's a bit plus!

All in all I would definitely recommend this foundation, I will be buying this again once ive used it all. BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME!

You can get this product here: Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation!


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