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Iya guys, I was going about my day browsing through amazon and I came across these eyeshadow brushes that I need to tell you all about!

They were advertised as "professional" and "Essential" which caught my eye straight away, they also caught my eye as I thought they looked so much like sigma eyeshadow brushes and also because they were on offer from £29.95 to £9.95.. and I cannot resist a BARGAIN!

I was skeptical because of the price that they would be of decent quality and actually would be decent blending brushes but there was no need for my skepticism!
I have always dreamed of having sigma eyeshadow makeup brushes because they looked like they blended eyeshadow like a dream. That's definitely why I bought these as they do look like knock-off's of the sigma.
If I received these brushes and they were harsh on my eyes or felt cheap/tatty then I would more of less just throw them away. However I absolutely swear by these brushes now and use them every single day.

My Dupe Opinions..

1) Crease/112 is the dupe for the Sigma E35 brush
2) Tapered Blending/110 is a dupe for the Sigma E45
3) Soft Blender/113 is a dupe for the Sigma E40
$) All Over Shader/111 is a dupe for the Sigma E25

Even though ive never used the sigma eyeshadow brushes I do think these are or could be more affordable dupes for them 100%.

Click HERE for a direct link to the makeup brushes


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