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TUTORIAL: PINKER THAN PINK | Using Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette

Iya guys! I'm obsessed with the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette and ive been dying to do a makeup tutorial with it!

If you want to find out more about this palette then head over to my previous blog post for links to buy it or read the post before you try it!


1) I started off with a transition colour called Iced Coffee and using a large fluffy brush to blend it into my crease.

2) I then used the same fluffy brush and blending the shades Cuppa Tea & Danger into my crease.

3) To start adding the pinks I used my tapered blending brush for more precision and added the colour Pumpkin & (my favourite) Strawberry Sweets until it was all blended together.


1) I used a flat shader brush and applied the colour Mixed Berries to the outer part of my eye and blended that slightly on my bottom lash line

2) I then used some concealer to make a half cut crease on the inner part of my eye & applied the shade Penguin to set the colour and then applied the colour Fairy Lights to where I had made the cut crease.

3) I then used a clean brush to gently blend the two colours together in the middle so it looks like it fades into the purple

4) I then used my finger and applied the shade Pink Champagne to the middle of my eyelid so it looks like the Fairy Lights goes into the Pink Champagne and then the Pink Champagne goes into the Mixed Berries.. (I hope you understand this, I don't know the makeup lingo).


1) I then applied the shade Pumpkin & Strawberry Sweets to my lower lash line so it matched the crease.

I then finished off with applying a Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadow into my inner corner and then applied my eyeliner and mascara!

You can buy this eyeshadow palette here: Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette


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