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This has to be the best thing I have ever done! My life has been made a lot easier by carrying around only 1 palette full of eyeshadow colour's I will ever need to use!
You need to try this!

I started off with a Z Palette from which at the time was roughly £15.
I then purchased 4 eyeshadows from Makeup Geek from the same website to start off building my palette! Now I have a almost full palette full of eyeshadows from different brands!

It's so much better in my opinion to have your own palette and to build your own palette! I had loads and loads of eyeshadow palettes laying about that i didn't use and needed to either throw out or give to my friends or family. So I decided to start building my own magnetic palette and it's the best thing I've ever done.
I have every colour I will ever use or want to use in one palette. And rather than seeing an eyeshadow palette with 1 colour that I love and end up spending £20 or over on it for just that 1 colour, I can just buy an individual one to put in my magnetic palette! It's perfect! 

Magnetic Palettes I recommend

Z-Palette - The Z-Palette is a given. It was the original magnetic palette to kick off the trend and it has various different size, patterns and themes for their palettes. For example a summer range which has summer themed colours such as yellow, reds, oranges etc.. Also glitter themed and even a betty boop themed palette! So they give you a lot of choice! Only downside to these palettes are is if you want a medium size they are about £20 a pop. However I still recommend these 100%

Freedom - Freedom makeup have started doing individual eyeshadows, highlighters etc.. and also magnetic palettes of their own with the choice of a medium or mega palette and the only colours they do are black. Does the colour really matter? not to me! Especially when they come with a HUGE mirror built into the palette and its only.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE .!.!.!.! £6.00!!
Can you believe it? Nope? Me neither!

Morphe - I haven't personally had a Morphe Magnetic palette but I have seen them all over Beautybay for only £7.00! The reason I am yet to buy one is because they do seem to be quite boring looking and look like any other Morphe palette out there which isn't what I want.. However if you want a bargain then I do definitely recommend this!

Eyeshadow Brands I Recommend

Makeup Geek - Makeup Geek for individual eyeshadows is brilliant! All the colours of the rainbow you could want for only £4.95 on BeautyBay! They are so buttery and pigmented considering for the price aswell, you cannot go wrong! You can also get foiled eyeshadows which are £7.95 each which also have extreme pigment to them! I recommend these 1000%.

Freedom - Freedom now do their own single eyeshadows but also do them in packs of 5 for only £5! Can you believe it! I was skeptical at first because they were so cheap but NOPE, they are amazing! They have decent pigment and for the price you can't complain at all! I'm a massive fan!

Morphe - I bought Morphe individual eyeshadows because I have had 3 Morphe palettes which are UNBELIEVABLY pigmented and creamy and OMG however the single eyeshadows aren't the same quality as the palettes in my opinion.. I was expecting the same pigmented and buttery texture but I didn't get that.. Still a really good brand and they do have a good selection of colours but they just weren't for me as I think I had my expectations too high.

You can find all these brands in the UK easily on BEAUTYBAY 



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