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Hellooooo, I have found myself to be loving new certain products recently and I want to share that with whomever reads this/whomever cares ha! So here we go!...

Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette

I have been obsessed with this palette ever since I bought it! All the colours fit every season perfectly and now that its October I can do my browns, oranges and pinks which I love for my Autumnal colours.
Buy it here (£10.00)

You can read more about this palette in my previous blog post HERE

The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Milky Toner

I bought this product last month but have only just started using it and I absolutely love it! I find it makes my skins redness more calm and gives me skin a healthy glow which I go for when I buy toners! I bought this at the Metro Center in Newcastle but you can get it from any The Body Shop shops. Its great for sensitive skin as mine is sensitive and it doesn't affect it at all. I wash my face, apply this to a cotton pad and apply it all over my face before my moisturizer. Loving it!
Buy it here £9.50

Loreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara

I have been obsessed with this mascara this month! I am  always so skeptical of mascaras and I normally find and stick with it for years however Sophdoesnails on YT buzzed about this mascara so I had to try it out for myself. I'm so glad I did because I will be re-buying this mascara without a doubt!
Buy it here £7.99

T-ZONE Nose Pore Strips

I've tried a lot of nose strips in my time (I sounded like an old timer there, Accidentally of course) and I think I have found the ones I will be repurchasing without a doubt! I find they stuck more to all the crap in my pores and pulled a lot of rubbish out (this is gross talk). There was an option for charcoal nose strips but I went with the white ones. I will defiantly be trying the charcoal ones next for sure!
Buy it here £1.99
Want to try out the Charcoal & Bamboo ones? Buy them here £3.99 (let me know!)

Selfie Ring Light

This isn't really makeup or skincare product related but I purchased one of these bad boys a week ago and ive been obsessed with it ever since!
I bought mine from eBay as I found them to be so expensive everywhere else when this one was only     and its brilliant so I can't imagine expensive ones being any different! This changes the game on my selfies, It makes my camera focus more on the features I want it too, love it!

Buy the one I have here £3.95

Brush Cleaner Mat

I have been obsessed with this since I got it the other week! I was using one of those stupid little things that you put on your fingers but nope! now I have the power of two hands to clean my makeup brushes, it's so much more quicker and I wont ever be going back! I'm always a sucker to things that don't consume too much of my time.

Buy one here £3.49

Well they are the products ive been loving recently!


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