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Hiya there! I was doing some Christmas shopping and as usual I ended up doing some selfish shopping and thought I would try this moistuiser! I suffer from acne, redness, oily skin etc.. the list could go on. So I thought this product may be perfect for my skin because it states that it..
  • Reduces Oil & Shine
  • Reduces Redness
  • Shrinks Spot Size
  • Unblocks Pores
  • Prevents Breakouts

 So I thought "Oh my god yes! Finally the perfect all in 1 product"

First of all the product smells on point. It smells clean and fresh which I think everybody likes in a lotion/cream/moisturiser. To be honest the smell reminded me of the time I tried out Proactiv Plus, It smelt the exact same as one of the products I tried out honestly!

The texture is normal, it feels like any other moistuiser which is great.

I put this on a night time before I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I found myself to have a couple of spots that I didn't have before using this lotion.. I used it again on the night and the next day I found myself to have even more spots which was starting to really annoy me now. 
I had normal on the skin red spots but I also had little bump spots which I never normally get so I put it down to using this product as I hadn't changed anything else in my makeup/skincare routine.

I read a couple of reviews which were more good than bad but I read the bad reviews which related to my issue that I had and that was that some of the people that used this product found it to be to harsh on their skin and that it broke them out.. Because I do have sensitive skin I wonder if this product was too harsh for me as well!

You can buy this product HERE £4.65 to try it out yourself because it could be perfect for your skin like it was for others, just not for me!



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