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MY: CURRENT SKIN CARE ROUTINE | Acne Prone/Combo/Sensitive Skin..

Hiya guys! I think I have mastered my skin care regime and I want to share with you what products work for my acne prone/combination/sensitive skin and that doesn't make me have breakouts or any reactions etc...

So lets begin with a situation that its the end of the day and I need to wash my makeup off.
I begin with...

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

I love this face wash. I use it in the shower when I want to wash any makeup that I have on because I find it removes it all so quickly! I love the smell of Tea Tree products as it makes me think my face is going to be clean, fresh and detoxed in a way.. I know its weird but that's the way tea tree makes me feel!
Only downside to this product is that its quite drying on my skin but I don't mind because I usually have oily skin so it feeling matte sometimes is quite the bonus! Tea Tree can be quite drying but I think everyone knows that.
You can buy this HERE £8.00

The Body Shop Squeaky-Clean Scrub

I love love love love love LOVE this!
Not only does it make my skin feel so clean and fresh but it also takes off any dead skin cells on my skin and makes it feel smooth AF! If I have any spots this product seems to dry them up and take off any little bump spots on my skin.
I use this product twice a day, in the morning when I wake up to go out the house and on the night after I use the face wash to properly take off my makeup. I feel using this with the face wash gives my skin the proper cleanse that it needs after wearing makeup on my face all day.
You can buy this HERE £7.50

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Milky Toner

I have only recently introduced this product into my skincare routine but I have no regrets! I find this product to be perfect straight out the shower using a cotton pad because it makes my skin feel really hydrated after using the tea tree products which, like I said can be quite drying. This toner makes my skin feel hydrated, it reduces my redness and makes my skin have a lovely glow which I love.
You can buy this HERE £9.50

Clean & Clear Dual Action OIL FREE Moisturizer

I have used this moisturizer for years now. I love this product because 1. Its oil free! (BONUS) 2. Its very moisturizing without feeling thick! and 3. IT DOESN'T MAKE ME BREAK OUT! I find most moistuisers I try make me break out so when I tried this and nothing happened I clinged onto it for dear life!
You can buy this HERE £3.25


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