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Recommend AFFORDABLE Christmas Presents For Makeup Lovers! | Links etc..

Hello girls & boys, Now the festive season is upon us, I can imagine these posts will be everywhere very soon so I thought I wanted to do one myself about gifts that I would want myself and gifts that I would think the girliest of girls would want for Christmas. So this is hear to give you inspo, ideas or just a fun post to read.

EYESHADOW PALETTES: Now I know every makeup lover loves eyeshadow palettes no matter if they are shimmer or matte or neutral or bright WE ALL LOVE THEM. The best brand for decent good quality affordable eyeshadows are;..

Morphe, Makeup Revolution & if you wanted to design a palette for whomever its for they Makeup Geek & Freedom Makeup Eyeshadows are the ones I recommend 100% (To design your own palette you'll need a magnetic palette which you can buy here £5.00

MAKEUP BRUSHES: I myself love makeup brushes and love buying new ones when I can. I think getting new makeup brushes is such a lovely gift but that is because i'm obsessed! You can get so many different kind of brushes these days such as unicorn, marble, mermaid etc.. here are some ideas;..

Starter Brushes Option 1 £13.49

Unicorn Brushes Option 1 £13.99 & Option 2 £9.99

Mermaid Brushes Option 1 £13.99 & Option 2 £13.99 & Option 3 £14.99

Marble Brushes Option 1 £9.99

Oval Brushes Option 1 £11.99 & Option 2 £14.95

CHRISTMAS BEAUTY GIFT SETS: A few shops and websites have now started selling gift sets specially for christmas and I cant believe how amazing and affordable some of them are! Gift sets can make your Christmas so much easier as they are already put together and packaged beautifully for Christmas. Here are some I was intrigued with myself;... (They are all worth every penny!)

Lip Kit Vault £30.00

12 Days of Christmas Set £40.00

ZOEVA Plaisir Box £48.00

Palette Vault £50.00

NYX Lippie Calender Set £50.00

I hope you enjoyed some of these ideas! I love all the products and brands here and recommend them to everyone! I hope your christmas shopping goes well and have a lovely Christmas!


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