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Hiya guys! I understand this palette has been out for a while now but I needed to tell people my opinion of this palette and why I think its the palette you NEED in your life!

I bought this palette from Superdrug for only £8.00! Can you believe it? Only £8.00! If that isn't a bargain I don't know what is.. only a bargain if its good I suppose which i'm about to tell you all about it now..

PIGMENTATION: The pigmentation of this palette is brilliant! For the price I couldn't believe it. It does have a bit of fall out but I don't mind that because that's what you get sometimes if you want the eyeshadow to have decent pigment. I would take a little fall out from a palette any day if its decently pigmented like these.

COLOUR PAY OFF: I think the colour pay off is a 9/10. I knocked one off only because the pale shades take a little bit of a build up if you get me?.. When I swatched it on my finger I was like WOW but then when I put in on my eye lid it kind of blended away.

BLENDING: I think these eyeshadows blend into a dream. They blend out really easily and I find it better that you can build them up rather than having a harsh eyeshadow on your eye that hands down refuses to blend out. I HATE THAT. But yes I think these eyeshadows blend out really nicely.

I think you definitly need this palette in your collection because its got all the basic colours you need for an everyday look, smokey eye, clubbing look etc.. you can do anything!

You can buy this palette HERE £8.00


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