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£5 SILICONE BRUSH CLEANING MAT | Amazing? Waste of money?..

Hello there! This blog post is all about a silicone mat that I bought off eBay that you use to help you clean your makeup brushes.. is it worth it? Read on...

I got this product HERE of eBay for only £4.69! (Yes I put £5 on the title but lets let that slide...) and I have to say it's the best thing ive ever purchased! It arrived really fast and is super handy.

You can get it in a range of colours such as light pink, hot pink, purple, lime green or black. I got mine in hot pink because to me that looked the nicest colour out of them all and once it arrived I was happy with the colour I chosen.
It has like octopus suckers (good description megan) on the back of the matt so it sticks to your sink, bath etc.. whatever you wash your makeup brushes in which I think is such a good idea.

How to use:
All you do is stick it down to your sink/bath, wet your makeup brushes under warm water, put some soap, brush cleaner or whatever you'd use to wash your brushes on either your brush or the mat and then start cleaning your brushes by facing the bristles down and then rubbing them in circular motions into the mat to get into every part of the brush.

Before buying one of these I had one of those brush cleaners ....

and for the life of me I couldn't get used too, it was too fiddly and most of my makeup brushes were too fluffy and it wouldn't clean the whole brush the first time.. and I have a lot of brushes to clean so it took even longer with this little mite.

Since getting the silicone mat it takes me half the time to wash my makeup brushes which is obviously a good thing.

I've found that it is a exact dupe or replica of the sigma cleaning mat which is almost £20 a pop so I know what i'd rather have..

I love a bargain as I can imagine everyone does!

Hope you've enjoyed this post!



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