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Hello there! I thought I would do a review of this foundation as its rimmels newest foundation and i'm a big fan of rimmels foundations so far so lets see how this one goes...

Application: I love that this foundation has a applicator that you can just put on your face straight away without pumping it onto your hand or brush etc.. This was one of the reasons why I
tried out this foundation.. makes it different from others.

Coverage: It says on the bottle that its medium coverage and I definitely agree, its definitely not full coverage at all but I would say it can be build-able to a decent and more full coverage for sure.
I have acne and it doesn't really cover as well as I would of thought and it still shows through my redness.. however the foundation does say breathable so I guess its meant to have a thin application so it doesn't cake your skin.

Colour: With Rimmel foundations I always get the shade 200 Soft Beige and I compared it to my Rimmel Lasting Finish and the colours were spot on. The Lasting finish is more thick so it had a slight darker colour but nothing that I noticed when i applied it to my face.

Lasting Finish: Just to let you know... Because I have oily skin, trying out foundations is a big thing for me. They have to last because I do 12 hour days at work where I don't really have time to powder my face I like to find a foundation that lasts decently. I don't expect it to stay perfect and to not budge but I expect it to look at least half decent.

I find that the lasting finish on this foundation isn't the best in my opinion.. Because it was thin and didn't have the best coverage in the first place it didn't last long on my t-zone at all and it looked messy.. 

It says 25hr lasting finish but it didn't last me a 8 hour shift.. It may be perfect for people with normal skin but for my oily skin it didn't work..


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