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Hello guys! I am a lover of face masks and always have been.
Here is a blog post of the most cheapest face masks ive ever tried and loved...

SUPERDRUG!! Superdrug is the best thing in the UK for sure. If we didn't have a Superdrug i'd be lost to be honest.. and one of the things I love from Superdrug is their amazing 99p FACE MASKS!!

Here is a list of the face masks from Superdrugs own brand that ive tested, tried and recommend:

I also really like these masks from Skin Republic sheet masks. 
I didn't see the benefits of what they say because you are meant to use these a couple of times a week so I bet they do work as I only used them each once however they are all extremely hydrating its unbelievable. after each mask my skin and neck felt very moisturised and hydrated.

Here are a list of some of the masks I tried, tested and recommend:

I tried out the L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Multi-Masking Clay Kit and really really really liked it! I want to buy all the clays!

Let me know what face masks you recommend!


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