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Hey there! I seen one of my favourite YouTuber Sophdoesnails talk about how much she loves this product and how shes been loving the coverage so I had to test it out for myself! I have quite similar skin to Sophdoesnails and by that I mean oily/combination skin and some redness so I figured if she loves it then I surely should..

Lets see what I thought..

Maybelline Superstay Foundation HERE

Price: I got this from Superdrug for £9.99

Shade Range: In my opinion it has a fair amount of shades compared to other brands.

Application: I applied the foundation with a buffing brush. I found the application to be very normal.. and by normal I mean like any other liquid foundation that comes out of a pump. I used about a pump because I wanted to test the coverage pump by pump.

Matte or dewy: I think it dried to a semi matte finish. It felt matte when I felt my face but also felt comfortable AF and didn't feel dry in the slightest.

Coverage: It says full coverage on this foundation and I agree to be very honest. I heard so many good things about this foundation and I agreed with them all! I was really surprised at how good it covered my redness and spots. This foundation will be very good for day and night. It can be used for day time wear and very glam full coverage night time wear.

Colour: I got the colour Nude Beige and I think it matched me very well. In my opinion the foundation didn't really oxidize but i'll have to put it on my hand and let it dry to test that out properly.

Lasting Finish: I did my usual and set my face with loose powder. I wore the foundation whilst at work from 10am until 6pm and I have to say it stayed put really well and didn't at all sink into my smile lines and didn't get too oily! Brilliant.

I give this foundation a 11/10! I'm so happy I purchased this foundation and I do recommend you try it!



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