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Hello there! I’ve been quite absent for 2 weeks-ish now and that’s because my laptop has decided to break on my so for now I’m on zee phone!
I thought I would do a post on my updated everyday makeup routine including skincare and all that so if you’re interested then keep on reading..


First of all I always wash my face before doing my makeup and I use the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 clay which is a good daily facial wash and scrub but can also be used as a mask which I like.

Once I’m out the shower I use the Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blemish Gel Toner and put that all over my face with a cotton pad

I then use my Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturiser all over my face and neck to get my face moist for the day (anybody else hate the word ‘moist’)


Colour Correcters: NYX colour correcting pot in YELLOW for my under eyes + Collection lasting perfection in GREEN for my spots & scars

Foundation: I change foundations all the time but the one I am loving now is the Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation in Natural 50

Concealer: I change between the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in FAIR & the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define in C1

 E Y E B R O W S

Pomade: Freedom Makeup brow pomade in DARK BROWN

Brow Gel: PS clear from gel from Primark 

C O N T O U R   &   H I G H L I G H T

Contour: Freedom Individual Pan in Contour 04 (I couldn't find the 04 online but 03 is more or less exactly the same so click here for it

Highlight: Freedom individual pan in Highlight 03

Eyeshadow: I use the Makeup Revolution Shade and Light palette because it’s full of mattes and perfect for a simple everyday look.

I use a range of browns in my crease and under my eye then the pale cream colour at the end on my lid to brighten my eyes.

Mascara: I am obsessed with the Miss Baby Roll Mascara and use it religiously now!

Then I either shot my hair up in a bun or straighten the hell out of it then bidda badda boom i'm ready for the day (usually ready for work)

I hope you enjoy this little step by step of my everyday go to makeup look for when I’m feel lazy AF.

Love,  MATbeauty
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