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Hello there, I had quite a big Garnier haul not so long ago and before I bought everything I was looking for a night cream that hydrates my skin but doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and oily.. have I found it? Carry on reading to find out..

(I have blemish prone, sensitive, combination skin)

Where you can buy it: Superdrug, Boots, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic..

Price: On sale for £5.29 but normally £7.99

Product size: 50ml

Smell: It doesn't smell like chemicals which I've found some products do and that puts me off instantly. It smells very fresh and not strong at all which I find a pro.

Texture: When applying it on the skin it feels thin and watery. Very much like a gel.

Feeling on skin: It has a little bit of a tacky finish to it but only slightly but that makes my skin feel plump and well looked after whilst i'm asleep. If it was too sticky and tacky I would be put off but its not bad at all!
 It makes my skin feel plump and because you can feel its on the skin it feels like overnight its going to do a good job in hydrating my skin.

Final opinion: I really like this product, like a lot. My skin in the morning doesn't feel greasy or oily in the slightest. It feels well hydrated and doesn't make my skin react in any way at all! Trying new products usually makes me break out but this hasn't at all.


I hope this has inspired you to try out this product as I love it a lot!

Love,   MATbeauty
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