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Well hello there!
I've been wanting to try a new eyebrow product for ages because now i'm getting fed up with the same pomade ive been using for years now...  YEARS!
I saw that the Revolution Pro did this eyebrow cushion which really caught my eye. I've seen so many people in the beauty community using the Iconic London eyebrow cushion and loving it so I thought i'd try this Revolution Pro one to see how good/bad it is..

You can buy it HERE


PACKAGE QUALITY: The quality of the package is good & basic. Nothing to special but does the job. The little door that keeps the cushion moist (hate that word) and stops it from drying out is nice and tight as long as you don't leave it open for it to dry out.

SHADE RANGE: I think the shade range of these products is the exact same as the pomades Freedom did, less shades I think to be honest. The range is very basic and will have a colour for most people.

TEXTURE: I found it to be quite watery and I couldn't work well with it.

HOW IT APPLIES: I applied it using a angled brow brush and because i'm so used to using a brow pomade to shape and fill in my brows that this product just didn't do anything for me really..
It seemed very wet and I even dunked my brush it multiple times and nothing was really happening. I over draw my brows using a pomade so I don't think this product is for those "instabrows" you want but more for a natural brow.

EXCELLENT IDEA OR GIMMICKY?: I do think its a clever idea but it isn't for me, want the natural look? go for it with this but I like my defined, overdrawn "instabrows" as people call it!


This product wasn't for me at all. I do think it is a bit gimmicky to be honest and that pomades are more for me. I like to have full brows and have to over draw them and this is more of a natural product for when you want to naturally fill in your brows. The idea of this product is clever but it's definitely not for me.

Sorry if you love this product, it just wasn't for me but not every product works for everyone!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this product!

Love,  MATbeauty
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