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REVIEW: REVOLUTION PRO FOUNDATION DROPS | Coverage, lasting finish etc..

Hello there! I love trying and testing new foundations and as soon as I saw this I was dying to try it out so I bought it instantly! If you're interested in what this product is like and how it lasts then just keep reading...

You can buy this HERE
PRICE: £7.00

SHADE RANGE: I think Revolution Beauty have smashed it with there range of shades because they have brought out loads straight away on their first launch rather than waiting to see how the product does like other brands.. (I think people know what brands so I don't need to say). They have many for pale skin and many for deep skin tones and also in between which I think is really good. They also tell you which foundation shade is better for your skins undertones in the description of each foundation. Here is the list...

APPLICATION: I used a buffing brush and it applied brilliantly. It felt quite dewy at first but I set it with powder because I have oily skin.

COVERAGE: I found the coverage to be medium - full yet buildable which is really good in my opinion. It covered all of my redness and acne scars.
TEXTURE: I thought it would quite watery and thin because of how it looks and sounds when you shake the bottle but it applied just like a normal pump foundation on my skin.

PACKAGE QUALITY: The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a squeezy, pump thing... (idk take a look below. I don't know what its called aha).

LASTING FINISH: It didn't feel heavy on my skin at all it felt as if I didn't have foundation on but my skin looked flawless. I wore this foundation for 8 hours and it help up really well. It didn't go oily much at all compared to other foundations ive tried. It didn't look oily and it didn't sink into my smile lines that much, again like other foundations have.


My final verdict on this product is that I absolutely love it!
I really like how good quality the packaging is. I love the coverage as I was expecting it to be light-medium and it covered like a dream. I LOVE how long it lasted and how it worked with my oily skin and didn't look oily and "minging" like it sometimes does with some foundations.


I hope you liked this review, let me know in the comments below what you think!

Love,  MATbeauty
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