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JESSUP MAKEUP BRUSHES | Any good? High quality dupes?!

Hey there!
I've got a strange obsessed with trying to find the perfect makeup brushes but not spending too many £££'s on them as they can be HELLA expensive! I went onto eBay and typed in 'makeup brushes' and these came up and I loved how they looked so for £20 I had to try them out and do a blog post about them! So if you're interested in seeing what these makeup brushes are like then keep on reading...

PRICE: £19.37

HANDLE QUALITY: The handle quality is lovely! They don't feel cheap in any way, very sturdy and are really well made if i'm honest. I was pleasantly surprised at how well together the brushes were when ive bought some legit brand brushes (not mentioning any names) before that have arrived broke or flimsy.

BRUSH BRISTLE QUALITY: Majority of the brush bristles are actually of good quality! Some are really well made, soft and fluffy but there is the odd few eyeshadow brushes that are scratchy and rough on the eyes which I wont use due to how much of a sensitive little b#tch my eye lids are. They will go red and sore so heeeell no. But that's only like 2 or 3 brushes. The rest are lovely and I use them daily.

APPEARANCE: I bought them because they reminded me of the Sigma brushes and I refuse to pay that much for those brush sets so I opted for a cheaper dupe version and I wasn't disappointed! The writing on the handles is holographic and really well crafted. They look really professional and sleek which is why I bought them.

PERFORMANCE: I honestly really liked using these brushes and they blended my eyeshadow really well. Don't get me wrong I have other eyeshadow brushes that these will never replace however they are now part of the brush family and I love using them.

I hope you like this review type thang!
Let me know if you've tried these brushes and all your opinions in the comment section below!

Love, MATbeauty

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