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I've seen so different opinions and reviews on this foundation so I thought with my pain in the arse skin I would do a review. I know a lot of people have the same skin problems with oilyness, breakouts etc..
If you're interested in a honest review of this foundation then just keep reading...


APPLICATION: The application of this foundation is super easy in my opinion. You just apply the stick straight to your face and then blend it out with either your brush, beauty blender etc.. however you apply your foundation! I recommend using a dense buffing brush to blend this out because it will make your life a lot easier than using a soft fluffy brush.

SHADE RANGE: I can't and won't ever fault Revolution Beauty for their shade ranges as they are brilliant every time! They even go into more effort by matching each foundation shade with your undertones...

COVERAGE: Full coverage! Very full coverage for me personally.

TEXTURE: The texture of this foundation is thick. I find if you have dry skin this will work perfectly for you but I have oily skin and I knew the moment putting it on what it was going to be like.


PACKAGE QUALITY: I like the packaging of this foundation. Its simple but stands out. easy to clean if it gets super dirty.

LASTING FINISH: I have oily skin so normally my foundation lasts about 6 hours until it starts loosing shiny and gross but with this foundation it didn't last long at all on my skin. It was about 5 hours before it started looking gross. I've tried other foundations and some of them when I become oily don't look that bad, like some look oily but not in a gross way in more of a dewy way... if that makes any sense?
Where as this just was oil central.

I definitely think this foundation had amazing coverage and was easy to apply for sure but I think it will work a lot better for people with dry/normal skin than people with oily/combination skin just because of how long it lasts as it didn't mix well with my damn oily t-zone!
I will definitely use this foundation over my usual foundation for problem areas and redness because the coverage is spot on but not for all over my skin.

What did you think of this foundation?
Please let me know below in the comments.

Love, MATbeauty

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