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Hey there, this blog post is all about this Garnier Matcha mask that is meant to be good to pull out all the oils and pollution that can really affect your skin! I wanted this mask as soon as I saw it on the shelfs in Superdrug and bought it asap! If you're interested in what I thought honestly about this mask then keep on reading...

You can buy it HERE £5.99
I applied this mask using a flat foundation brush as I prefer it so much better to using my fingers. It feels a little bit more luxurious and like a proper pamper technique (i'm sad yes) and I like it. 
The consistency is quite thin but you can build it up by adding another layer. Plus because its thin it doesn't take 100 days to dry which some masks do and sometimes I want to pamper but I haven't got the time and this is good for those days.
It doesn't really smell of anything major. Smells quite natural to be honest. I like products that don't have a strong smell because if somethings to chemical-like it freaks me TF out.
It dried in about 10 minutes I don't even think it was that and it washed off soooo easily! I hate masks that are a struggle to get off and take a long time.
My skin felt really soft and refreshed after I washed the mask off. I love that refreshing feeling a mask can give you and this definitely ticked that box.
I will continue to use this mask at least once a week because it states to help get rid of any oils and dirt that pollution causes and if it works its a win and even if it doesn't my skin feels fresh and clean afterwards so that to me is also a win!

I hope you liked this blog post!
Let me know if there's any mask you love and can recommend to me!

Love,  MATbeauty

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