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Here is a review all about the new Revolution Pro single eyeshadows and the large magnetic palette you can buy to put them all in. I had to buy these because I have a obsession with making my own palette sort of thing and I saw these new bad boys and thought "oh hell yes"

Where to buy: You can buy any size magnetic palette HERE + You can buy the shadows HERE
You can also purchase these in your local Superdrug if they're in stock and on the Superdrug and Revolution Beauty website.

Prices: All single shadows come in packs of 5. The glitter packs are £6 & the matte and shimmer packs are £5.

Mattes: The matte shades are lovely and pigmented. They aren't chalky and powdery. They preform really well and apply brilliantly.
Shimmer: The shimmer shades are gorgeous! They are very pigmented and creamy. My only complaint is that they can be a bit crumbly but apart from that they're very pigmented.
Pressed Glitter: I love the colours of the glitters I purchased because they are particularly warm shades. The pigmentation of them when I swatched on my hand wasn't the best. I stuck to my finger and wouldn't apply to my hand.. However I think with a glitter glue or liquid eye glue/primer it will work really well.

Blending Quality: I think the matte shades blend out like a blooming dream! They don't go patchy or stick to one part of your eye which for the same price some eyeshadows do! I love how quickly and easy to blend out they are.

Colour pay off: Each and every single eyeshadow in this palette has excellent colour payoff! They are all true to whats in the pan and when applied on the eyes they don't fade and change shade they are true.

Fall out: I found with these shadows I had a little bit of fall out with the mattes and the shimmers, especially the shimmers because they can be a little bit crumbly. With the mattes they have a little bit of fall out if you don't tap off the excess eyeshadow on the brush.

Quality: I really found the quality of the eyeshadows to be extremely high! I can't believe for the price how amazing and decent they are. Really surprised me.

Magnetic palette: The magnetic palette in which the eyeshadows go in to is really nice too! It closes shut with a magnetic so it doesn't flat open or clip open which I prefer. It has a see through lid which I also prefer so I can always see my shadows & it has the writing 'PRO' on the bottom of the palette where the single shadows go which is a nice touch.

My final verdict and honest opinion of these shadows and palette is that I love them so effing much!
I cannot believe for how much they were how high quality everything is. You get 5 different eyeshadows for £5, so basically for £1 each!
I recommend you try these eyeshadows out for yourself and create your own palette! I also hope Revolution Beauty bring out more colours in these shadows and go insane with bright yellows and bright blues!

Love,  MATbeauty

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