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Hey there! I understand this review is later than it should of been however I have been moving into my first home and its been stressful and I haven't had the time to write this review until now! Now lets get into the review and swatches and my honest thought of this palette..

You can buy this HERE

First of all I wanted to say I love Sophdoesnails she is my favourite YouTuber and I wanted to say congratulations on your second palette and lipstick collab!

Price: £10

Pigmentation: Starting off with the matte shades. I would say the matte shades have brilliant pigment quality and blend out really nicely. The shimmer shades I was unsure of at first because they didn't seem to be that pigmented on the initial swatch but its like they have a stubborn layer on top of the shadow so all I did was rub my finger in them (clean fingers guys) just to get them softer and it worked! I used the gold shade called LA Sun and it glided onto my eyes where as when I initially swatched it, it wasn't all that. All in all I like the pigmentation of these eyeshadows for sure.

Colour Range: I love this palettes colour range because its a bit more fiery! 
"well der megan its called the extra spice palette" 
Soph's previous palette collab was very neutral with some hints of colour and I use them all the time but this palette I had to have because LOOK at all those warm shades. I rarely use cool tone shades as to be frank I don't think my eye colour and skin suits them and that's my opinion but all the yellow, orange and reds I adore.

Fall out: Using the darker shades I noticed a little bit of fall out. Personally because it wasn't that much I wasn't concerned about it at all. I used my powder brush and poof! It was gone.

Colour Payoff: The shadows have really really good colour pay off. For only £10 I can't believe how intense the colours are. Especially the orange and yellow I expected them to blend away and for the colour to just not be there but IT WAS THERE GORL.

Package Quality: As before I love the packaging 100%. I prefer that the names are actually written on the palette now rather than the previous palette which had a clear film over the shadows with the names on which I lost.. obviously i'm useless.

The final verdict is that i'm in love with this palette but that's got a lot to do with that I love Soph and all her videos. I relate to her a lot with her skin type, bargain loving etc... MANY REASONS!
I recommend you try this palette and you can buy it in your local Superdrug or on the Revolution Beauty website.


Love,  MATbeauty

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