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Well hello there,
I am going to start doing these kind of blog posts once a month for a couple of reasons. Reason 1 is so I can share my loved products of that month and tell you exactly why and reason 2 being that I get an excuse to buy new products every month to test out and try to see if they become my favourite.. 
So win win all round!
Primark Eyebrow Pencil & Brown brow setting gel

I was using the eyebrow pomades from Freedom for ages until it started to go all hard and crumbly and I couldn't work with it anymore. I ventured into Primark as i'd of heard so many good things about their makeup and they have so much makeup in the shop now its unbelievable! I needed a brow product so I bought the eyebrow pencil which has the pencil at one end and a mascara wand to brush through your brows on the other end. I also bought a brown eyebrow setting gel as I want my eyebrows to start staying in place ALL DAMN DAY. I absolutely love this combo! I absolutely love the brow pencil however I do wish it didn't go down as quick as it does because its one of those you have to sharpen however the product is really creamy and is really easy to work with! I use this then I carve out my brows using concealer, set with powder and then brush through them with the eyebrow gel.

Soph X Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Fudge

I have to say I wasn't going to buy any of these lipsticks because I like to stick to what I know no matter how much I love Sophdoesnails. I bought her new palette 'Extra Spice' which I have a review of HERE and I'm glad I bought that but now i'm super glad ive tried out the new lipsticks also! I only have the shade Fudge right now but once pay day comes around again i'm going to purchase both the other shades!

You can buy the lipsticks HERE

Garnier Moisture bomb (Day & Night)

I have used the moisture bomb night moisturiser before and loved it I just ran out of it and forgot to buy it again however now I went to Superdrug in Teesside and they had these both reduced to £2 each so I bought 4.. yes 4! I have been loving having 2 separate moisturisers for morning and night so I won't run out of them as quick and also the day one is more of a thin yoghurt feeling moisturiser that soaks into your skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy and the night one is more like a gel that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and wet almost but not in a negative way. Been loving them!

You can buy the day one HERE
You can buy the night one HERE

Kiko - Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder

I bought this bronzer a while ago when I was at Bluewater but I haven't used it as much as i'd of liked. However this month I haven't used anything else to bronze up my face and I LOVE IT. Its such a lovely warm bronzer than blends out really nicely. It has a compact mirror so I use that to do the rest of my makeup when i'm on the go which is super handy!

You can buy the bronzer HERE

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser

I also bought this cleanser when I was in Superdrug at Teesside for only £2 as I think they were having a clearance and I got so many bargains (love a bargain). I use this in the morning to clean my face. When you rub it into your face it foams up so much I feel like it is really cleaning my skin and getting rid of any rubbish! My skin doesn't feel dry afterwards like it does with some face washes and my skin actually feels hydrated after use!

You can buy this cleanser HERE

I hope you liked this blog post!
I enjoyed doing this kind of post to let you guys know what products i'm loving this month. I wonder what next months will be like!

What are your favourite products right now? I'd love to know!

Love,   MATbeauty

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