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Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely day!
This blog post is all about this beauty book that covers everything you need to colour correct, conceal and contour that face of yours!
If you're interested about this product and want to know more about it then just keep on reading...

(I was kindly sent this by Profusion themselves & this is still an honest opinion and isn't influenced in anyway)


I really like the colour correcter's in this beauty book. They are really creamy and they over and conceal whatever I want on my face perfectly. They are not oily or greasy and have a great consistency because they aren't too thin or too thick which I like. Some can be quite thin and oily and don't really do the trick.


The cream concealers are really pigmented and blend out really nicely. I'll mostly use the concealer to help cover any blemishes but also to use on my eyes to do a cut crease. I really like the cream contour shade as it blended out really easily and wasn't patchy!


Starting off with the bronzer I really like the medium bronzer as its quite warm and suits my skin better (Especially now ive got a tan hehe). The bronzer and even the contour are very pigmented. They are a little bit chalky but it's not something that would put me off buying it as its something you can work with. I like the light contour shade as for my contour I want a cool toned one so it doesn't just blend into my bronzer because it would be quite pointless even doing the bronzer. I think they are pigmented and blend out nicely.


I am not really keen on cream highlighters as I have oily skin and powder the hell out of it so it doesn't really show up under my powder and if I put it on top it goes all patchy and NOPE. (That's not just with this cream highlight its with every cream or liquid highlight!) I love LOVE the powder highlighter called Innocent. It's quite shimmery and pink toned. I like it for more of a natural glow as I like my highlight to be beaming! Its such a pretty highlight.


I used the small flat brush to apply cream contour and I used the larger angled brush for my bronzer and contour. I really like the brushes they are basic but really do the job well! The brushes are nice and soft.

I hope you liked this blog post!
I'd again like to thank Profusion for giving me the chance to review these products!

Love,  MATbeauty

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