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Hello you lovely lot!
I was kindly sent this beauty oil from Skinirvana to test out and do a review about it. 
(Thank you!!!)
I may of been sent this product however I will always share my honest and genuine opinion whether it be free or I bought it!
So if you want to know what this beauty oil is like then just keep on reading..

Just to mention, I got a choice between two oils. One was 'Delicate' and the other is 'Original'. I chose the delicate one because its better for sensitive skin.

Starting off with what you can see first which is the packaging. It came in a tube which is in the background of the photo above. I think the packaging it came in is lovely and looks very high quality. It tells you all about the product and what it can do to help your skin. 

"It claims to hydrate, regenerate the skin and heal any damage from exposure to environmental toxins as well as the natural ageing process."

It guides you too drop some of it into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm the product and then massage into the face.

Then when you take out the oil from the otter tube is comes in a glass bottle with a squizzy pump thingy (I can't ever remember what to call it). I really like it when oils come in this packaging because you can just squeeze some in your hand and then apply to the face rather than some products where you have to pour it from the bottle (MESSY). 

In my opinion it has a lovely smell. It doesn't smell chemically to me at all and smells very earthy and kind of like potpourri which I don't mind at all! Very flowery.

Once applied to the skin it obviously feels oily so I prefer to apply it just before bed so it can soak into my skin throughout the night whilst I sleep, so my skin isn't oily throughout the day or underneath my makeup but most importantly so all the goodness from the oils deeply sinks into my skin for hours without any other toxins or products bothering it!

My skin in the morning feels oily no matter what because I have oily skin but with this on it also feels refreshed and hydrated which is a lovely feeling to wake up too.

I have blemish prone, oily-combo, sensitive skin and this doesn't break me out or make my skin react at all which is what it states! I trust this product.

This oil retails for £45 and you can read all about & buy it HERE

"My obsession with skin care began 10 years ago after I suffered a severe reaction to a commercial skincare brand. I was always the girl who would spend a fortune on products to attain the elusive "perfect complexion," paying little regard to the ingredients list. 

In my twenties I suffered from eczema and rosacea, and never once attributed it to the products I was using. It was only after I experienced this extremely bad reaction that I started to concern myself with what I put on my skin. Therein began my journey to creating my own product that I could safely use daily, knowing it was made from the purest and highest grade ingredients. Pure plant oils were the obvious choice because they mimic the skin's natural pH level. After years of creating face oil blends for myself and my friends, I opened my first facial salon in South East London in 2014 and embarked on successfully treating clients too.

SKINIRVANA was borne out of my desire to treat my own skin but in doing so and seeing the results, I found something that I loved and wanted to share with others. My Pure Bliss Beauty Oils are to be used in place of your daily moisturiser, for morning and evening application, without the need for any additional products. Please see our FAQ for further information on the oil cleansing method I recommend.

Each SKINIRVANA formulation is hand poured, 100% natural, chemical-free, never tested on animals, contains over 95% ingredients from organic origin and is vegan."

Love,   MATbeauty
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