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Hello there!
For years now I have wore makeup and used many skincare products and I thought I did it because that's what you do however ive recently realised that it all means much more to me personally and I can bet that a lot of other people feel like this too..

It comes down to effort, control and awareness

Starting off with control

Wearing makeup gives me control of my appearance. Using whatever skincare products I want to benefit my skin gives me control of my skin. I personally need to have complete control of my life to be happy.  I can colour my eyelids with whatever colours I feel like on that day because that's in my control. I can use whatever face mask I want to pamper my skin because that decision is in my control. It's the little decisions in life that can make you feel better (or me personally). Only you can have this control. Only you can have this much control over your appearance and skin because that's YOUR skin. The decisions you make with your beauty only affect you so be in control.

Moving on to effort

Your self-esteem is very important and always will be. I don't know about you but somedays my self-esteem can be low and sometimes I don't want to make an effort with how I look or I can't be bothered to treat a blemish or take care of my skin.
But when I do it makes me feel so much better and if that is just me personally then fair enough however I always think 'If I look good I feel good' and that always rings true. My usually nighttime skincare routine has a few products that some nights when I get home from a late shift I REALLY cannot be bothered so I wack on my moisturiser and go to bed however I can always see and feel the difference. Doing the extra step in your skincare routine or even your makeup routine when you can't face it does make you feel better no matter how little it may be. Because you did that extra little thing for you and yourself alone it does affect you. Always look after number 1 first.

I'm going to finish this off with awareness and also happiness

All of this contributes to your happiness. all we want to be is happy right?
Sometimes you aren't aware why you're feeling insecure or low and most of the time it is because of bigger problems going on in your life or somebodies life however it isn't always that simple. Some people may have the best life and don't have any major problems however they feel insecure and low and they aren't content with how their life is. You may look at somebody who wears a lot of makeup and think "damn" or they're always going mad on buying skincare/makeup products but you don't know. You don't know why they wear a lot of makeup (whatever your opinion is of "lots of makeup"). If somebody is wearing more makeup than you're used to then embrace it. Be aware that judging them and having a negative opinion of it could possibly emotionally effect the. So think, If this was your friend, family member or even you and you were so happy with how you presented yourself with beauty however other people didn't agree with it and they made that opinion clear then it would effect you.
A lot of people wont give a monkeys what your opinion is and that's brilliant however there is a lot of people out there (me also) that do take opinions to heart and overthink peoples impressions of themselves and it can be damaging. 
So think. Let them be them. Because if they're happy that's all that matters. 

I wanted to do this post to express that doing your makeup isn't just about looking good and using skincare products isn't just to pamper yourself its much more and to me its about control, effort and my happiness.


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