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Hello there,
I have recently in the past few weeks changed up my eyebrow routine! 
Meaning the way I do them and when I do them in my routine and also all the products.
I want to share with you the products I am loving and how I use them everyday in my regime.

Step 1...
I start my eyebrows just after my foundation and I use an eyebrow pencil where as before I always for years used pomade. I was loving the Primark eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown but they havent had that shade in for ages and only have a really dark black/grey colour so i'm currently using the Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil.
I start off by drawing out my brows so I start drawing underneath the brow and then above the brow. I concentrate more on the arch because that's the area where I don't have much hair. So to get the shape I want I have to create an arch.
Once ive created the shape I want for my eyebrows I then use the pencil to fill them in. I use the mascara wand that the pencil has on the other end and keep brushing through my brows so it brushes the product around and also I can see where I still need to fill in my brows.

Step 2...
I then use my concealer and the one i'm loving right now is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the lightest shade and I use a flat definer brush to then carve out underneath my brows and I sometimes carve out my arch depending if I need to or not (if they haven't f#cked up basically).
I have a full blog post of this concealer, click HERE to read it.

Step 3...
I then use a loose translucent powder with a small fluffy brush to set the concealer and foundation around my eyebrows because if I use a big fluffy powder brush it will move my eyebrows about and get powder in my eyebrows and I don't want none of that business! 
The powder I like using right now is the RMCA translucent powder.

Step 4 (Final step)...
I lastly use a eyebrow gel and brush it through my eyebrows so set all my hairs in place so they don't budge all damn day. The eyebrow gel I love right now is again from Primark and its just their eyebrow gel in brown as rather than using a clear gel which will just set your brows in place I like using a coloured one so it fills in my eyebrows even more.

I will eventually be doing a video over on my Instagram of how I do my eyebrows!
I hope you liked this blog post!

Love,   MATbeauty

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