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TUTORIAL: "ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK" | Using Revolution Pro & Morphe

Hello there!
If I do say so myself I really do love this look and I really want to share what products I used and how I created it!
So if you are interested in how I created this look then just keep on reading..

Step 1:
Using the Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes palette..
I first start off using a big fluffy brush and applying the shade 'Attached' all over my crease and up to my brow bone.

Step 2:
I then use the same big fluffy brush and apply the shade 'Fearless' in my crease and up to my brow bone until blended nicely.

Step 3:
I then use a tapered blending brush which is smaller and more defined. I use it to apply the shade 'Ringleader' and apply that directly into my crease and blend, blend blend. I take it slightly above the crease to make sure it blends in with the previous shadow 'Fearless'.

Step 4:
I then use the shade 'Underdog' and use the same tapered blending brush and blend that further into the crease.

Step 5:
I then use a flat fluffy shader brush and firstly apply the shade 'Attached' on my lower lash line and then I use the same brush and apply the shade 'Underdog' as well to match it with my crease.

Step 6:
I then use the shade 'Underdog' and apply it onto the outer corner of my eye.

Step 7:
Next using a flat shadow brush. I cut my crease with some concealer about 3/4 of the way.

Step 8:
I then move onto my Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette and whilst the concealer is still wet I apply the shade 'Sissy' all over where I put the concealer to get the metallic wet look. The shade 'Sissy' is quite a duo chrome eyeshadow which I am in love with.

Step 9:
I then use the shade 'Beam' on my inner corner and my brow bone to add some sparkle.

I then finish off this look by applying some black liquid liner and black mascara.

You can buy these products here...

I really hope you liked this tutorial and let me know what you think below!

Love,  MATbeauty

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