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Well here der,
It's been a minute since ive done an eye look and made it into a blog post to share with you guys!
If you want to know how I created this eye look and what shades I used then just keep on reading..

Step 1:
I start off by using a big fluffy brush and applying the shadow 'Silk Creme' into my crease and upto my brow bone as a transition shade.

Step 2: 
I then do the same with the shade 'Creamsicle' and apply it all over the crease and up to the brow bone.

Step 3:
I then use a tapered blending brush which is more defined and smaller and I apply the shade 'Pukey' directly into my crease and blend up towards the brow bone slightly so I can get that perfect blend.

Step 4:
Next I go into the shade 'Hunts' with the same tapered blending brush and apply that also directly into the crease to deepen it up.

Step 5:
To make sure I get that perfect blend I go back into the shade 'Creamsicle' with that big fluffy brush and blend out the edges near the brow bone so I get that sunset effect from the brow bone to my crease.

Step 6:
I then use some concealer with a flat brush and cut my crease only 3/4 of the way.

Step 7:
I then use a plain white eyeshadow to set where I put the concealer and then apply the shade 'Roxanne' to the outer corner of my eye with a flat-ish fluffy brush and blend that into where the concealer is and into the crease.

Step 8:
After that I then apply a mix of the shades 'Pukey' & 'Hunts' onto the middle section of my lid so that its a lighter red.

Step 9:
I then apply the shade Beam onto the inner corner of my eye and a little onto the inner part of my lid to create almost a ombre into the reds/browns.

Step 10:
I use the shades 'Creamsicle' and 'Pukey' with a small flat shader brush and blend them into my lower lash line until blended out as much as I like.

Step 11:
I then apply some gold highlighter directly onto my brow bone to make it POP.

Step 12:
I fancied it so I applied some white kohl pencil into my waterline.

I lastly applied some black liquid liner and black mascara to finish off this look then BOOM, finished!

I know there is so many steps but I wanted to try and go into as much detail as I possibly could without many photos.

You can buy this palette here..
Morphe X Jaclyn Hill

I really hope you like this look and feel free to comment below on what you thought!

Love,   MATbeauty

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