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UNDER-HYPED PRODUCTS/BRANDS | Makeup & Skincare (in my opinion)

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This blog post is all about products that I think don't get the attention and publicity they deserve. Obviously this is fully my opinion but I really think these products are brilliant however I don't see many people rave about them or even use them.

Revolution Pro single eyeshadows

I bought these completely unintentionally. I was stuck between 2 Makeup Revolution palettes and thought screw it I won't get them and I will order a magnetic palette & 5 packs of single eyeshadows that have 5 eyeshadows per pack. I'm so bloody glad I chose to buy these eyeshadows because now I use them every single day without fail. I bought pretty much every single ones they had beside a pack of smokey shades which were grey and black shades (I wouldn't wear them) so I have lots of colour choice. They are very pigmented and the colour pay off is excellent. They blend out so nicely and I use them as much, if not more than my Morphe X Jacklyn Hill palette (which I adore!) and if that doesn't express how great they are I don't know what will.
Plus they are so effing cheap and amazing quality its incredible!
Garnier Skincare Range

I have been using Garnier for such a long time now as ive found I can use any of their products on my pain in the ass skin and they don't break me out or cause any reactions. I don't see anybody really raving about any Garnier products over on my Twitter, Instagram or YouTube which I don't get because they have such a wide range of products its amazing. They have lots of products for every skin type there is. Including normal, dry, combination, oily. You name it and they have it! I use their cleansers, face washes, toners, moisturisers, masks etc.. EVERYTHING! I love Garnier and always will. People should definitely try them out more.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I've been using the collection lasting perfection concealer for years! I love this product to death and its truly my ride or die concealer. I don't ever see people rave about it or even use it on videos on watch over on YouTube which I don't get because in my opinion its really a good full coverage concealer for only £3.99! Do I hear a bargain? YES! It comes in a lip gloss kind of packaging if that makes any sense to you... I love how full coverage the product is and how cheap it is and how versatile it is. I use it to conceal my bags and spots, carve out my eyebrows and use as eyeshadow primer.

Primark Range

Now I swear Primark have answered everybody's prayers about the new makeup range they have. They have everything you need for a full face of makeup including the skincare beforehand! They have everything from the face wash to micellar waters to then foundations to contour and highlight palettes. Primark beauty is usually quite controversial because of the quality of their makeup and skincare products however I always think if you have sensitive skin and you want a moisturiser that doesn't make your skin go crazy then perhaps don't use Primark skincare products for your skin because me personally who has really sensitive skin won't go near their skincare products and always stick to what I know and I spend a little more on my skin to look after it. 

(I think anybody who has that kind of worry or skeptisism with Primark skincare range should be aware and use their common sense for that then just buy it and then slate it because it broke you out)

Now that that's over (LOL) I just think Primark have really stepped up their game and I don't see that many people noticing and raving about how good their products are for the price!

These are just a few of many but I thought I would cover some brands as a whole rather than talk about many products of theirs. Let me know if you would like me to go more into detail and I will do more of these posts and talk about what products are meh and what are really good!

I hope you liked this blog post

Love,  MATbeauty
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