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Well hello there!
I have been kindly sent these two products to review by Superdrug as I am an affiliate for them and they are the best brand ever to me. Love love love Superdrug and how they just have everything I need all the damn time.
So if you're interested in reading what I honestly thought about these two products and if I approve then just keep reading..

Colourstay Liquid Liner - £8.99
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is brilliant. Its a very dark black and doesn't look patchy in any way. If the applicator was different I would buy this eyeliner hands down however the application wasn't the easiest because its not what i'm used too.. meaning that the applicator is one of those little wheels that ive seen people who do makeup very well struggle to use. I tried it on the back of my hand before on my eyes and doing a straight line seemed pretty easy and straight forward (no pun intended there but its always good to accidentally add one in) so I thought 'how hard can this be'. I tried it on my eyes and I always start off with doing the flick first so that was easy and then dragging the flick to my eye lid was easy-ish. It was a bit difficult getting it to go where I wanted it too. I'm used to a felt liner or one with a thin tip but this is nothing like them. To colour in where I needed to once I created the wing was tricky... I had to use it as it it was flat on its side and pat the liner on my eye otherwise it would of took me ages.
Overall I wouldn't buy this product myself as I prefer either felt liners or ones with a thin tip however if you like this type of applicator then this would be a brilliant eyeliner for you to try!

Photoready Mist Spray - £7.99
The packaging for this product is nice and simple. I like how its a sleek black packaging and looks professional however I tried this product on different foundations and with different or no primers and it just didn't make my makeup last longer at all unfortunately..
I tried this with my foundation being on for 10+ hours and if anything I feel like it made my foundation last even shorter than it usually does.. I can see this being good to refresh your makeup on a hot day but I wouldn't use it again to set my makeup or make it last longer. I would rather spend a bit more money on the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

That it is for this review guys.
I hope you liked it and if you have a different opinion on these products I would love to know!

Love,  MATbeauty

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