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REVIEW: OBSESSION PRODUCTS | Isn't it peachy, Give me some sun & Be obsessed with palettes.

Hello there lovely's!
I hope you are well and excited for Christmas! I am in no where near prepared or even started my shopping for Christmas so i'm excited but also in panic mode 24/7!
I picked up these palettes from my local Boots and they were on 3 for 2 so all these 3 cost me was £12! I mean "JESUS LORD YES A BARGAIN".
So if you're interested in what I think of these palettes and want to see some swatches then just keep on reading...


This palette comes with 4 blush shades called Glimmer, Daydream, Hint and Bloom.
Glimmer is a shimmer blush and the rest are matte shades.
Daydream is a pale peach shade (my favourite).
Hint is more of a deep orange shade which would be good for deeper skin tones.
Bloom is a typical pink blush shade.

The matte blushes are incredibly pigmented so you literally need to dip your brush in the tiniest bit otherwise your cheeks are gonna be so effing rosy! (unless that's how you like it then that's perfectly fine).
The shimmer blush is beautiful also! Can be used as a blush and a subtle highlight.
I never have used blushers before but I use the shade Daydream everyday now! I love it.


This palette comes with 4 shades for contouring and bronzing.
Delta is a very shimmery shade.
Buff is a matte contour shade.
Expose is a very sheer shimmer contour/bronze.
Rays is a bronze shade.

I use the shade Rays for bronzing and warming up my face and then the shade Buff to contour and chisel out my face.


This palette comes with 10 gorgeous eyeshadows!
It comes with 8 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades which is a white shimmer and a gold shimmer.
I find the eyeshadows not to be extremely pigmented but they are definitely build-able and that's why I really like them and why i'm going to be buying more of Obsessions eyeshadow palettes!

Here is a look I created with this palette..

I hope you liked this review and I hope you buy and try some Obsession products yourself! I am a new fan of Obsession and cannot wait to buy and review more products!

Love,    MATbeauty
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