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Hello there!
This is a review all about the Revolution Beauty cut crease canvas eyeshadow base.
I bought this with such high expectations and excitement.. has it lived up to what I thought? Keep on reading to find out..

Price: £6! So blooming cheap

Shade Range: Illustrate, Halo, Etch, Create (I bought Illustrate).

Purpose: It's to be used as an eyeshadow base and also to cut the lid for a cut crease or a halo eye or basically whatever you want. 

Applicator: I wasn't keep on the applicator because it was completely submerged and covered in the product so it was going all over my eyelashes and then my eyelashes were touching my crease so it ruined my eye look. However that can be fixed by wiping off any excess product or using another brush to apply it to your eye instead of using its own applicator. That seems to defeat the purpose but it makes less mess so you don't create a mess on your eye.

Formula: I found the formula to be just like a concealer. To cut my crease usually I use my collection lasting perfection concealer but I wanted to try an actual eyeshadow base and the formula seems quite similar apart from the Revolution base was a bit thicker and more dewy so when I applied the shimmer eyeshadow over top it went clumpy and didn't dry so nice so I recommend to properly dab the base in with a flat brush or your finger to dry it more so when you apply the eyeshadow it doesn't crease or clump up.

Coverage: I would definitely say it is full coverage so thats a plus.

Overall Opinion

Overall I probably will still use my Collection Lasting Perfection to cut my crease and apply shimmer shadows over top because it just works for me so well and dries down faster than the Revolution base however I definitley think I will give the Revolution Base more of a chance because I think if I proper dry it down and pat it into my eye then it wont be as dewy and eyeshadows over top will apply much better.

I recommend for £6 you give this a go yourself for sure!

Here is where you can buy..

Love,   MATbeauty

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