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Well hello there!
This palette was gifted to me by (thank you so much) and I thought it would be perfect for me to do a review on this palette as it could either be the palette of your dreams or your nightmare!
(my review is going to be all truth and not changed because it was gifted to me)
It has all the colours you will ever want so perfect right?
Well keep on reading to find out..

Where to buy: You can buy this palette at the Profusion UK website HERE

Price: £15 (bargain)

Mattes: The mattes have a very decent pigment. The shade range for the mattes is great because you can create such a variety or looks.
Shimmer:The shimmers have a weird texture. You dunk your finger in and they feel very buttery and creamy which ain't such a bad thing at all! You have to kind of smudge your finger in them to get a excellent pigment payoff but who cares it works and they are stunning!

Blending Quality: The blending quality of these eyeshadows especially the mattes is actually brilliant. They blend into each other easily without any issues and I don't seem to have any trouble with patchiness from the shadows.

Colour pay off: I used the Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas as my primer so I could get the best of the colours. They came out really well using a sticky primer.

Fall out: I have had a tiny problem with fall out but in my opinion I couldn't care less if the pigment is good then who cares about a little fallout.. NOT ME! The payoff is worth a tiny bit of fall out.


My overall opinion of this palette is that is 100% worth £15!
I reach for this palette more than I do my more expensive colour palettes like Beautybay and Morphebrushes which is obviously saying something.

I do recommend you try this palette for yourself and just have fun with it! Use a sticky primer on the lid and just go crazy with all the gorgeous colourful shades.
You could even create a rainbow!

MATbeauty x

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