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Well hello there!
I love editing my photos so they look their best for Instagram and stand out. There is so much competition on Insta and I like to make my photos colourful and bold as I can without it looking fake.
This is how...

I use Facetune 2 (I bought the full version) on my Huawei p20 pro

Step 1) Once I find the photo I like the best because I take like 50 I then upload it

Step 2) I then go over to Edit and I change depending on the photo the Brightness, Contrast, Colour & Structure. I usually put them all up rather than down to make my photo more bold.

Step 3) Next I go into the Smooth section and I smooth out my face if I feel like I need too. So sometimes if ive done a glam look I don't want my pores or acne scars to stand out so I smooth over them to keep the attraction to my eyes and have a flawless base. 
I also sometimes use the Glow part of this section to make my highlight pop just a little bit more and use it in the corner of my eyes where I have my glow.

Step 4) This is a dependable one. I sometimes use the Patch tool which can erase any spot or mark you want. So when I sometimes have a huge new head on my face which I don't really want to be on the photo I use erase it.

Step 5) I finally then go into the Details tool and go over my eyes and lips and sometimes highlight to make them more detailed and stand out more if the photo makes them look blurry.

I sometimes crop my photos to get rid of too much background or for my face to be the main focus.

So that's it! That is how I edit my Instagram photos! It may be overboard for some people and it may be minimal to others but it is just the way I like to edit them.

Hope you liked this blog post! Comment below what you thought <3

Love,      MATbeauty
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